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About Us

The Orion Trading and Design story began 30 years ago in Tucson, Arizona. First inspired by the desert’s historical Mexican footprint, we set off to become among the first to offer authentic Mexican glassware to the hospitality industry. After being commissioned to design glassware for the new Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale, we found our lifeblood in traditional artisan glassblowers, utilizing 100% planet friendly materials to handcraft functional works of art.

We have since broadened our course beyond Mexican glass, spending years designing, sourcing and presenting outstanding tabletop products from all over the world. As dedicated tradesmen, we are constantly seeking the finest artistic, craft infused products to highlight culinary presentation — a devotion that has earned the respect of many executive chefs and helped land our products in some of the most beloved restaurants around the country.

Now we are looking to open our trade to you and your home—bringing Orion’s shining stars to your dinner table, poolside leisures, and celebratory events.

We believe that as our lifestyle gets busier, time spent with family and friends becomes even more precious. In hopes to make those moments even more memorable, Orion offers a presentation your loved ones and guests will never forget.