5 Best Tequila Brands That Aren't Patrón

5 Best Tequila Brands That Aren't Patrón


You know what rhymes with summer? Tequila -- That's right, things are heating up and if you ask me, nothing pairs better with a little sunshine than a frozen margarita or a chilled glass of tequila to sip on.

However, this Summer, we urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and reach for something a little more exotic when selecting your Tequila of choice. See, everyone knows Patrón as the household name of high end tequila, and that's all good and dandy, but why not wow your guests and invigorate your palate with something new and exciting? Something that says "I appreciate the finer things in life. I'm an Aficionado of Reposado-- a Tequila Craving Connoisseur!"  

Sounds good, right? Well, look no further, because here we have the Five Best Tequila Brands That aren't Patron. 

  1. Siete Leguas
    Siete Leguas is world renowned for its rich historical origins and classic taste. As legend has it, the original Patron manufacturers actually poached their recipe from the Siete Leguas distiller way back in the day. This is a must try for anyone interested in the history and traditional distilling processes of Agave spirits.  

  2. Tequila Ocho
    Tequila Ocho decided to bring a wine-like approach to their craft by highlighting both the year and the "terroir" (or the natural environment) in which it the agave was grown. This yields a variety of different flavor profiles and tasting notes depending on factors such as the climate, terrain, and soil that the agave was harvested from. Tequila Ocho keeps it interesting for connoisseurs who are interested in the subtleties of taste. 

    Tequila Ocho Vintage 2016

  3. Tequila Fortaleza 
    Fortaleza is the result of the disgruntled great-grandson of Cenobio Sauza, who's name you may recognize from the household Tequila brand of the same surname. When a major manufacturer bought up his family land and the rights to use said name, Guillermo Erickson Sauza set off on his own to build Fortaleza. He initially planned to use the same production techniques as Patron, but discovered he much preferred the taste of Agave that was 100% stone-wheel crushed, as opposed to the half that was mechanically done, and that's how it's still made to this day. The yield ends up having a smoother, less bitter finish and a creamier consistency. 

    Fortaleza Tequila Blanco, Anejo, Reposado

  4. Casa Noble
    Casa Noble is another premium brand that has very deep roots in Mexican history, dating all the way back to the late 1700's. Over the years, the recipe and production methods have been tweaked to perfection, favoring a triple distillation process and white-oak aging to create a unique blend of complex flavor profiles. 

    Casa Noble Tequila Crystal, Anejo, Blanco, Reposado

  5. Tapatio
    Though it shares a name with the table staple hot sauce, Tequila Tapatio is quite smooth and won't set your throat ablaze. The brand itself has been around in Mexico for more than 80 years, but has not been available in the US until very recently. This is an authentic double-distilled bottle that's definitely worth getting your hands on.

    Tapatio Tequila, Anejo, Blanco, Reposado


Now that you've got a handle on choosing the right tequila, it's time to choose the right glass! Together they make for a sipping experience you can enjoy all year long. 

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